Let your astrological sign show you the way
Astrology sees humanity as being not only influenced by hereditary factors and environment, but by the state of the solar system at the exact moment of your arrival in this lifetime too. The universe is full of different kinds of energies (life forces) and astrology is our way to interpret all of them.

Astrology does not say a certain event is going to happen, but that there is a (certain) possibility that an event might happen. The tremendous gravitational forces of planets affect the human's sensitive brain and forces it to respond in a particular pattern of behavior and actions. Every single action in our lives is the result of our thought-process, initialized by planets.

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Birth Chart Interpretations
Birth Chart Interpretations

Your natal chart is like your energetic blueprint or your soul's energy map. It shows you a snapshot of where the planets and luminaries were at the exact moment of your birth and, therefore, carries a map of the energy you're working with in this lifetime.

Relationship Horoscope
Relationship Horoscope

Relationship horoscope examines a romantic relationship from a variety of angles. What is the nature of your attraction? How do you relate to each other? What is the destiny or outcome of your relationship?

Personal Daily Horoscope
Personal Daily Horoscope

Discover your Horoscope for today. Our free Daily Personalized Horoscope includes all the parameters of your natal chart. All the transits activating your chart are displayed.

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When the Sun moves across the sky, and rises a little bit east or west than it did the day before, that is a transit. The transit of the Sun. When the Moon is Full and shines brightly in the night sky, or when the Moon is a tiny sliver of a crescent waxing moon, that is a transit. The transit of the Moon. In the same way, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, rise and set in a different place in the sky every day. These are also transits. When you want to know how a planetary transit is going to affect you, you are in fact looking at your natal chart, transited by the planets in a specific moment in time.
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Time Zone: America/New_York | Date: Saturday 13th of August 2022 | Current time: 10:42
Planet Position
Sun20 Leo 40' 53"
Moon09 Pis 46' 27"
Mercury14 Vir 18' 39"
Venus02 Leo 02' 51"
Mars25 Tau 53' 02"
Jupiter08 Ari 19' 11" R
Saturn21 Aqu 59' 43" R
Uranus18 Tau 52' 09"
Neptune24 Pis 54' 32" R
Pluto26 Cap 47' 38" R
Chiron16 Ari 10' 17" R
Lilith13 Can 25' 45"
Node17 Tau 32' 22" R
Planet Aspect Planet Orb